We create our cakes entirely from scratch, which means we do not have cakes available for same day pickup. For custom cakes, we often have been communicating with a client for several weeks prior to their order date.

Katie is able to mold fondant & gum paste figurines, hand pipe intricate designs, and utilize multiple colors to create your perfect cake (see the gallery below for some examples).  Depending on your theme/aesthetic, custom cakes can take many hours, sometimes across multiple days, to make, and can utilize expensive tools or decor elements. These cakes are delicious, edible, unique works of art, and as such, please expect to invest a minimum of $4.50/serving. Your cake could be greater or less than this estimate; please contact us for a more exact quote.

Our standard cake sizes and prices are listed below:

6” round cake, serves 6-8 people: $20

8” round cake, serves 12-16 people: $35

10” round cake, serves 26-20 people: $62

The cake prices above include writing and sprinkles, anything beyond this incurs an additional charge. Standard cakes require a two day minimum lead time to order.

See below for cake, frosting, and filling options, including gluten-free and vegan options.


Cake Inquiry

If you are placing an order for 2-7 business days from today, please call the bakery directly at 603-515-1049.

If you would like a custom designed cake, please include your decoration budget so that we can respond with accurate examples for your budget.

For most custom designs, please expect to invest an additional $20+, depending on the size.

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